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Horrible workplace accident – Dave Holland
June 3, 2007, 3:47 am
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Dave Holland - The age

This guy got his hair caught in a large drill, & was consequently scalped. The whole article is pretty grusome so i’ll spare the details, save the ending, which is quite beautiful. To Quote…

“The day I got squashed I changed,” says Dave. “I was just a quiet Australian who went out to work one morning and got turned into a different person.

“But it made me better in some ways too. I have a psychological awareness I never had before, I perceive and care about other people’s feelings more than I ever did, I don’t let the little things bother me. I might be a victim, but I don’t want to have a victim mentality.

“On my best days I’ve come to terms with the way I look. I have no hair, no eyebrows and there’s visible scarring over my face and head. But at heart I’m a Buddhist – I understand all things change.”

And so, he says, there are many nights when he sits out in his backyard and watches the stars just to enjoy their beauty.

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The heaviest man in the world – Manuel Uribe
June 3, 2007, 3:39 am
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This guy lives in a shop window, & has no problem withe people looking at him through the large glass window. At his peak we weighed 560kgs, & has since decided on changing his record, from being the worlds heaviest man, to the man whose lost the most weight. Last year he lost 180kgs & aims to get down to 120kgs. He once tried to commit suicide because he became about his weight, but now attributes weight loss to his happiness, has a girlfriend & now wants children.

“I take one day at a time,” he says, “the doctors told me I had a choice. To choose life or to choose death. I chose life.”

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